1. The brilliant and unique marriage of the derivative words 'sweet' and 'sick'.

2. used to describe & illustrate something that is pleasant, delightful, awesome and generally both 'sick' and 'sweet'.

3. A mountain bike collective.



Mountain Biking is in our blood... our DNA. Riding through woods, over fields, up and over mountains is our passion. Nothing quite compares to leaving the traffic and hustle behind- we love to explore new places, and ride areas which some would find inaccessible... all whilst challenging ourselves to go faster and further. This is the essence of Swick...


Swick is a social cross country mountain bike collective whom has a team specializing in 6 hour to 24 hour cross country endurance races... we are a social team always on the look out for riders who wish to join us on our 'social rides'- if this is of interest to you, please 'contact us'.



The iconic SWICK 'Wolf Icon' was crafted by one of Swick's friends- Charlie Palline.

Charlie is an artist/jeweler based in East London. He specialises in painting canvases, designer leather goods, trainers and more. He also works with gold and diamonds creating hand made jewellery in London.

Please check his work out here: www.charliepalline.com or Instagram  @charliepalline