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Over the years, Team SWICK / SWICK Racing riders (between them) have used / tested most of the tyre brands available within the UK. Each brand had their own positives and negatives, however there always tends to be some sort of compromise between performance and durability.

All SWICK riders agree (in their opinion), their top ‘wants’ from a tyre include:

  • Low Rolling Resistance

  • High Grip / Security

  • Low Weight

  • High Puncture Resistance

  • Look Great (we love Skinwalls!)

For the past year or so- SWICK Racing Riders Robbie & Craig have been using ‘Onza Tires’.

Craig stated he “has never felt so comfortable and confident on an XC tyre before” and commented how well it (the Onza Canis) performed in the above ‘wants’.

So… SWICK is SUPER excited to announce a partnership / co-sponsorship with Onza Tires.

Today SWICK has received our first delivery of:

  • Onza Canis (29 x 2.25 C3)

  • Onza Ibex (27.5 x 2.4 FRC)

  • Onza Citius (27.5 x 2.4 FRC).

SWICK have opted for “Skinwall Editions” in all our tyres- as let’s face it, they look ACE!!

For more information on Onza Tires, drop us an email or please visit: www.onza-tires.com

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