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SWICK has done many types of cycling events and competitions all over the UK... but Craig and Robbie fancied (for 2020) that they would try something a bit different, and at the same time hopefully raise some money for a worthwhile charity in the process...

SWICK's Craig & Robbie have chosen to ride to Marseille!!

For those of you that do not know, Marseille is a 'port city' located on the Southern cost of France on the Mediterranean coast. France itself is pretty huge... for example, to drive from Gravesend (where the challenge starts) to Marseille will take around 12 hours non-stop (thats on a good day with empty roads). Its a distance of 746 miles by car... however the cycling route is much further, as the lads have chosen to go via Dunkirk instead of Dover for their Channel Crossing.

The reason for this extended route is 'an interest in historical sites'... e.g. they have planned out routes which take them to famous war time & Roman sites of historical interest. Thereby keeping themselves engaged in the ride, and giving them 'pit stops' on the way (so they can rest, refuel and post social media updates).

Either way there is 25,000 ft of climbing between Gravesend and Marseille... they also thought they would do it unsupported, e.g. carrying their own kit, tools, spare parts, food and supplies... within 2 weeks!!

So the challenge is definately not one for the faint hearted!!

The chosen charity is 'ellenor'. The fundraising target is £14k... when asked why £14k, the lads said- "because its £1k for every day we will be riding". Makes sense eh?!

ellenor do amazing hospice work in North Kent (UK). All monies raised will be going to ellenor via the chosen 'Just Giving Platform / Page'.

Please please please visit the charity page and donate anything you can afford!!

To find out more about the challenge; please visit it here:


To find out more about the route; find SWICK on Komoot... its all detailled and planned here: https://www.komoot.com/user/swick

Much appreciated;


P.s. The team have been organising this for over 6 months, before the Covid-19 outbreak. We still plan on completing the challenge in 2020, but SWICK will not put ourselves or anyone else at risk in order to complete the challenge. We will monitor the UK + French government advice and make a call nearer the time. If the event does not go ahead in 2020, it will be re-arranged to a suitable date. But rest assured- it will happen!!

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