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Updated: Dec 3, 2019

2nd September 2019 [Reviewer: Steve Read]

Price at time £89 (optional bladder kit £27)

The minimalistic BP1 Protect was specifically developed for gravity/race use and reduces the risk of injury in the lower back. It offers room for the BP100 certified back protector, your most important tools and the BH150 Bladder (sold separately). It provides a tailored fit thanks to the self-adjusting shoulder strap connection, 5-way adjustable back length and elastic chest strap, resulting in the protection pack being ‘individually adjustable’. Instead of the classic hip belt, the BP1 Protect has an adjustable waist belt so that it can be worn higher. Depending on the preference, it can be carried underneath or over the jersey.

At a time when companies are trying to bring out innovative ways of storing tools on the bike, combined with light hip bags coming back into fashion, there is a realisation you no longer need huge back packs when going out for your average ride. And for those riders whom are racing or have aggressive styles of riding- have they about back protection? We all know ‘back problems’ are a common complaint hindering many cyclists- but historically, not much has been done with riders ‘putting up with it’.

Well… thankfully, times are changing: Meet the BP1 which has kind of been forgotten about in the UK due to Camelbaks reign.

Ergon's Bp1 won the design innovation award back in 2017, it bridges the gap between a protective backpack and a simple back protector, the BP1 Protect is Ergon’s answer to the ultimate pack for bike park visits, enduro races, or just local loops after work.

Channelling the brand’s know-how, the optional bladder and load are kept at hip height to create the lowest possible centre of gravity. Team that great weight distribution with reasonable ventilation and comfort when carrying, and the minimal-looking product wins some serious design points.

The bladder tucks neatly low down in a stretch-able pouch and will hold 1.5 litres which is more than enough for your average ride!

With a good few pockets you can store all your main tools keys and puncture repair kits. One great side effect of this is the knowledge and confidence knowing that should the worst happen that you have given yourself a chance to fix / repair / recover!

In my short time riding with this pack I have found it to be really comfortable.

One opportunity is the Ventilation on the protection side- This could be improved as currently its left me with a sweaty back on longer rides.

However; after recently having a baby (little boy!) and my desire to still send it down steep gnarly trails I'll take a warm back over a broken one.

In the case of the Ergon BP1 Protect, I’m not in a hurry to take it off.

Overall score 4/5

Price value 4/5

Durability 5/5

Comfort 3/5

Functionality 5/5

Positives =

Spine / Back Protection, Lightweight Storage, Multi-Pockets & Optional Hydration Bladder.

Opportunities =


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