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SWICK Social : SURREY HILLS (re-cap)

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

EVENT DATE: 11th January 2020

LOCATION: Surrey Hills (UK)

MEET PLACE: Hurtwood Car Park 1 (Holmbury Hill), Peaslake, Dorking RH5 6NU

MEET TIME: 09:20am (ride started at 09:30am)

FINISH TIME: 12:30 approx.


SWICK Social in the Surrey Hills!

The first of 2020, and what better way to start off the year then a visit to the mountain-bike mecca of Peaslake. Peaslake is in the centre of the Surrey Hills AONB about 5 miles South East of Guildford, England.

SWICK rider Steve had scouted out a route two weeks before and it was nice dry and fast!

Unfortunately, as per usual the typical British Weather did not play ball… we arrived in the carpark on the day to find the area must have had a torrential amount of rain. It was dull damp and windy. But this did not deter a bunch of hardened legends that wanted to get out and smash some trails!

Introductions over we cycled up to the first viewing point that over-looks Surrey which is usually very picturesque (today is was grey and disappointing!), so we decided to go straight into a well-known rollercoaster of a trail called Yogurt Pots. Yogurt Pots is a fast trail that winds up and down with some nice big berms and, unfortunately, some nice big puddles… but everyone came out smiling and most importantly- warmed up with no crashes!

We then hit a trail called Telegraph… then climbed up to Jerk Chicken (Note: YES - these are names of trails)… where we had a young rider who was struggling a little bit, the cold and a draggy fire road had taken its toll. However fair play to the lad he came out because he wants to get fit and have fun!

With SWICK policy the group rides are for everyone… no one gets left behind. The faster riders went ahead while Craig hanged back. Together everyone then climb up to ‘Barry Knows Best’ (one of the well known trails in Surrey, in fact, its so well-known its listed on google maps!!).

Everyone met at the top, re-grouped and eager to drop into this fast flowing long decent to race to the bottom with big smiles! It’s really worth finding if you come to the area- we enjoyed it so much that we all did Barry Knows Best twice!!

Next up was a climb over to Pitch Hill… now this climb is horrendously steep and technical. It was decided whoever can get to the top with-out putting a foot down would win a selection of Pro-Green MX cleaning gear (Wash, Drivechain Cleaner and Wax)! SWICK rider Craig was in his element here… for some reason he loves a good steep hill!! However, as a SWICK Rider… he was EXCEMPT from competing. Everyone had ago at the climb but the clear winner was David on his lovely titanium hardtail!

Well done David!!

– David let us know how you get on with the PG MX bike gear.

Once we completed the climb- we found ‘Proper Bo’, then over to the new Graveyard Run which is one trail really well crafted by the official trail builders in the area. This took us to our break spot at the famous Peaslake Village Shop… so many mountain bikers use this stop regularly. All relaxing talking about there rides and good vibes all around!

After a quick break we headed up to El captain… One point worth mentioning was before each section / segment- Steve gave a quick overview of what to expect (jumps, drops, berms etc)… this was a life saver, as Craig said it himself- “He was riding blind and prob would have died haha”.

The group stopped and had a ‘play’ on a gap jump- for those whom felt comfortable & confident enough to do it. The rest watched, cheered and took photos. We wanted everyone to have fun so we tried to include a bit of everything- luckily the characters we were riding with meant everyone appeared to have fun even if they were not directly involved in the action.

With everyone's legs a bit tired and the drizzle starting to come down we decided to start the ride back. We headed back via Supernova (another well know trail) and then back to the carpark!

A BIG achievement for everyone; 15miles and 2500ft of climbing in fairly challenging conditions. Before everyone departed- Dave was given his prize.

Team SWICK wishes to thank everyone for coming!!! With so much to discover over Surrey Hills I'm sure we will be back in the late summer!

Next SWICK Social will be “SWICK does Swinley”… exact date still TBC.

Please follow our Facebook and Instagram to be up to date with our latest / planned SWICK Social rides.

Thanks again all!!


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