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The story of Pro-GreenMX...

As you will (hopefully) be aware, SWICK only uses bike maintenance and cleaning products from our patner, Pro-Green MX... we pride ourselves on providing honest feedback to brands.

If brands wish to partner with us- we need to test the products, in order to gurantee the quality and if it 'fits' within SWICK's own brand & goals. Otherwise- we decline partnerships, as we cannot make recommendations to fellow cyclists based on our honest product experiences.

Luckily- Pro-GreenMX tick all our boxes with regards to bike cleaning, branding and product performance.

Pro-GreenMX have released a really nice YouTube video giving an open and honest insight into the brand including: its history, warehouse, manufacture, design, and the people behind the brand bringing it to life!

Check it out below:

Check them out here: https://pro-greenmx.com/

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