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  • Effects of COVID19 on a cyclist

    As some of you whom follow SWICK's social media should know- one of our riders, Robbie, contracted COVID19 / COVID-19 during Oct-Dec 2020. We requested Robbie kept a diary of what he experienced as we feel its important for everyone to realise the effect this virus had on a very healthy & physically fit cyclist. The below details an extract of the diary over the course of 10 days. Its written in Robbie's own words. Its also worth noting- despite 'recovering', Robbie is still experiencing 'after effects' weeks and weeks after. Photo 1: Pre-COVID times... Robbie fit and healthy, race ready! Handing over to Robbie: "My experience with COVID-19 was evil. To actually experience it was quite scary after reading news reports and hearing stories on the news, it makes the whole situation worse because you start to think the worst. My partner would spend most of the nights waking up to check on me and my breathing as it was particularly concerning due to me being asthmatic. Luckily, although I wouldn't say I've made a full recovery yet, I'm definitely doing a lot better. Please take it seriously. COVID-19 is not a joke. Many people have experienced it a lot worse than me and I can only imagine how bad it was for them, take extra care during your day-to-day activities, stick to the rules and stay safe." Photo 2: Robbie post COVID recovery! Day 1 So, on Saturday 5th December everything was perfectly fine up until 7 in the morning, when literally out of the blue I had a really bad sick feeling from really deep down in my stomach and a massive headache to go with it. After finishing my coffee, I got into bed and conked out for a few hours. When I woke up, I then threw up and felt really exhausted. I started uncontrollably shaking, my head was burning up, I felt freezing cold, my chest was tight and I was having difficulty breathing. I'm also someone who suffers from asthma and was having to rely on my pump to try and clear my chest. It was at this point, I suspected that I had COVID-19. At 6:30 pm I managed to get through to the NHS COVID-19 helpline who was really helpful and understanding, after explaining my symptoms I was booked in the following morning for my test. Day 2 After a restless night of being sick and burning up with a temperature of 38.9, I had developed a headache that felt like my eyes were being pushed into the back of my head, I could barely stand and felt really dizzy. I finally sort of got ready to head off to my test. I got to the test site at 9:30am where I was escorted into my spot and handed my self-test kit. After 5 minutes of reading, I'm then sticking a massive cotton bud in my mouth that I had to rub all over my tonsils while trying not to gag, then sticking it up my nose. 15 minutes later it’s done. The rest of my day was spent trying to keep my temperature down with paracetamol and trying not to be sick. By this point I had completely lost my appetite. I tried eating soup, that was unsuccessful. At 10:30pm my results were emailed to me; I just remember reading the word ‘positive’. DAY 3 Yet again another bad night with hardly any sleep. I was struggling to stay awake during the day, I still hadn’t eaten anything and was still suffering with all the same symptoms, except this time I had also developed a dry throat. I was having to keep my blue asthma pump close by at all times as I felt this was the only thing that sort of helped my breathing for a while. Day 4 I actually woke up feeling better this day, still with the same symptoms only milder. I sort of managed to get a better night sleep and managed to eat some toast and scrambled egg. For my dry throat, ice poles became my best friend. Later on in the day I started to feel rough again, back to not eating anything, barely being able to stand, all of my symptoms just started to worsen again. Day 5 My night was spent constantly waking up in pain. I had developed pains in my legs, my back, pretty much all over. It hurt to lay down, it hurt to sit down, I couldn’t stand up without feeling dizzy, I couldn’t eat and I started to lose my taste and smell. To top off an unsuccessful day I had now developed a slight cough!! The only good thing was my ice poles. Day 6, 7 and 8 These few days were spent the same, constant pains in my back and legs making it uncomfortable to sit down. I managed to force myself to eat. The best bit was my temperature was back to normal, I had stopped being sick, I had also stopped feeling stone cold, my headache was wearing off and I was eating child-sized portion meals. Day 9 I woke up feeling sort of normal, I actually had a slight appetite and I even ventured outside to the garden for a bit of exercise and fresh air, that lasted all of 5 minutes. Although I felt a lot better than I had been feeling, I would get tired very quickly. I was also disappointed I couldn’t taste my coffee. Day 10 My last day in isolation. My symptoms had pretty much cleared up. My appetite was slowly returning to normal and was managing to get a bit more done during the day, although I still found myself getting tired quickly. The tiredness actually continued for a few days, which was a struggle as I had to return to work the day after my isolation finished. For someone that struggled after being in the garden for 5 minutes, you can only imagine how an 8-hour shift at work went. Final points from us at SWICK: Huge THANK YOU to the NHS Staff and all Key Workers working hard to keep everyone as safe as possible during the COVID19 / COVID-19 pandemic. Another THANK YOU to Robbie's partner, Charlee, for looking after Robbie and helping with the diary. Everyone else PLEASE take COVID19 seriously, its not a joke. Stay safe so you can ride another day!

  • The Long Way Home

    The Long Way Home, a film by one of our supporters FLi Distribution. Team SWICK's Craig & Robbie both ride the KTM X-Strada for their Gravel Bike Adventures... Watch this video for a look at the latest 2021 X-Strada 720 model featuring an upgrade to Ursus wheels.

  • New Team Bike Build : KTM X-Strada 720

    In preparation for the team's 900 mile-ish Charity Challenge ride to Marseille... the team have received a pair of KTM X-Strada 720's! These bikes are (at the time of writing), 2 of only 6 in the UK. They will be the actual bikes to be ridden by Craig & Robbie in the charity challenge. The KTM X-Srada 720 is one of KTM's latest Gravel / Cyclo-X bike range... its not quite as aggresive as the KTM Canic (the die hard cyclo-cross racers favourite), its a much more versatile everyday ride... an "everyday route to the office, or a multi day tour, or even a CX race, the X-Strada will be on your side!" Specification wise the 720 is kitted out as below: Frame / Fork: X-Strada 6061 Alu Triple butted Frame / Gravel Carbon F13 KTM Fork Colour: Red Fade / White Frame Size: 49 | 52 | 55 | 57 | 59cm Finishing Kit: KTM Comp Brakes: Shimano GRX RX400 2 Piston Shifters: Shimano GRX 400 Rear Derailleur: Shimano GRX 400 Crankset: Shimano GRX 600 46-30 Cassette: Shimano Deore HG50-10 11-36 Wheels: KTM Line - Shimano RS470 CL - 100m front / 142mm rear - DT swiss spokes Tyres: Schwalbe G-ONE Race Guard 40-622 Saddle: Selle Italia X3 Both bikes arrived majority assembled, just needing tweeking to do the final set up. Tweaking included: Removing all packaging; inserting front wheel; realigning the handle bars; switching over the brakes (from Euro to UK spec); adding pedals, and inserting a seat post with seat... JOB DONE!! Please see images of Robbie building / setting his up: Both riders are super excited to test the X-Strada's out and see what punishment they take. Now the 'serious part starts'... Craig & Robbie have 3 months to 'bed them in' and get used to riding them before their EPIC Charity Challenge!! We will as time progresses let you know how Craig & Robbie get on with their bikes via our social channels, and what modifications will be done to make the bikes suitable for the challenge- stay tuned!! To find out more about the KTM X-Strada's and anything KTM Bikes related, please visit: FLi Distribution (KTM Bikes UK) Huge thank you to Fli Distribution for the bikes, past support and future support- its hugely appreciated!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whilst here: We would be super grateful if you could check out our Charity Challenge and make a donation! Our Challenge is ambitious- and so is our fundraising goal!! #KTM #WeAreSwick #CharityChallenge #Cyclocross #cx #GravelBike #Gravel

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  • #WeAreSwick - Charity Challenge

    POSTPONED: With a heavy heart the decision has been made to postpone this event. Unfortunately; the logistics of route planning with pending COVID restrictions / lock downs, a rider injury and personal developments have meant the tough decision has been made to postpone this ride until 2021. We apologize to all our supporters and really hope that you can understand the challenges we are facing right now in these 'unprecedented times'. The decision as not been made 'lightly' and all those concerned are hugely dissapointed. Roll on 2021... COVID-19 DISCLAIMER: Please note, every attempt will be made to complete the below challenge on the below dates. However, this is heavily dependant on the ongoing Covid-19 developments. We are conscious of not putting ourselves, or anyone else at risk of the virus due to ourselves completing the challege... Simply put- if its not feasible come September, we will delay it to an appropriate time. The event will happen, hopefully as planned in September 2020!! We will be closely monitoring government advice. CHARITY RIDE - 2020 GRAVESEND TO JOHN O' GROATS (FORMERLY GRAVESEND TO MARSEILLE) THE CHALLENGE In September 2020 Team SWICK are cycling to John O'Groats (Scotland) from Gravesend (Kent, UK) in aid of the ellenor hospice . Scroll down to view the planned route. ​ Distance = 820 miles / 1,320 km Climbing / Ascent = 39,200 ft / 12,000 meters ​ ​ If that was not challenging enough- the team have an added time limit of 2 weeks, AND are doing it unsupported meaning they will carry all their own kit (tents, food, drink, tools, spare parts etc).​ The riders will be finishing at Dunnet Head which is the most Northernly point of Scotland & UK. Note: All Figures are approximate. WHY? SWICK's own rider Craig has a very personal reason as to why he wishes to 'give back' to ellenor... ​ "My nan [Catherine Parker] was the most amazing loving lady & played such an important role in my fond childhood memories. Unfortunately, when I turned 16, she developed terminal lung cancer due to Asbestos. As a result, she was cared for within the hospice and at home by ellenor and their amazing team of care providers. Aside from extensive medical care I distinctly remember how happy my nan was at receiving a hair cut in the hospice... this made her feel great and it was so amazing seeing the positive lift in her moral that such a simple act provided! My nanny was an animal lover- by facilitating care at home, my nanny was able to spend her final days with her dog- which I know gave her immense happiness. ellenor helps not only the individuals in need of care- but also the families of those individuals. However sad I feel regarding the passing of my nan, I shall forever be grateful for the work ellenor did in making my nan the most comfortable she could have possibly been. I am doing this challenge, in aid of my nan, as a way of saying 'thank you' to ellenor & hopefully paying them back via fundraising so ellenor can continue their incredible work... " IMAGE: Catherine Parker in happier times at her 60th Birthday. ellenor is a charity funded by the generosity of the local community. They offer the best care and support to families facing terminal illness in Kent. ​ Care is provides for people of all ages and includes: A few key statistics from ellenor's great work in a single year (2018-2019): ​ 2,096 patients cared for in their own homes. 83% patients died in their preferred place of care. 0-104 age range of those cared for. 21,206 face to face adult patient visits. 4,624 new referrals. 88% admitted within 48 hours. To find out more about ellenor, please visit their website, here: START: Date + Time: Saturday 19th September 2020 @ 8:30 am Where: ellenor, Coldharbour Rd, Northfleet, Gravesend, UK. DA11 7HQ FINISH: Date + Time: Friday 2nd October 2020 Where: Dunnet Head, Dunnet, Thurso KW14 8XS • Hospice care at home for adults • Hospice care at home for children • Emotional & spiritual support • Support for carers • Outpatient and Day Services • Sharing expertise – offering education and courses for school students. THE CHALLENGE ROUTE: Please see our challenge route below, split into each day (Click on each day for more information): GET INVOLVED, SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!! We will be eternally gateful for all the support you can provide Craig and Robbie during this Charity Challenge. Please follow the team on Social Media (where live updates will be posted!)... we also wish to encourage you to donate to our chosen charity via our Just Giving Page... we have set an ambitious target and are exceptionally grateful for all donations of any size!! @WeAreSwick @WeAreSwick

  • #WeAreSwick - Bikes & Equipment

    BIKES / EQUIPMENT Presently you'll see Team Swick riding the following: KTM MYROON MASTER 29" Frame: KTM Myroon 29- B Performance Carbon Hardtail Boost 148TA Suspension: Fox Perform 32 Float SC 100 3 position R T boost (RL) Brakes: Shimano Deore XT M8000 Gear & Crankset Set: Shimano Deore XT Deore XT M8000 Shadow plus DM Deore XT M8000-B2 Wheels: KTM- DT Pro 3 CC B 29" TL boost 110/148 Frame: KTM Myroon 29- B Performance Carbon Hardtail Boost 148TA Suspension: Fox Perform 32 Float SC 100 3 position R T boost (RL) Brakes: Shimano Deore XT M8000 Gear & Crankset Set: Shimano Deore XT Deore XT M8000 Shadow plus DM Deore XT M8000-B2 Wheels: KTM- DT Pro 3 CC B 29" TL boost 110/148 Click 'here ' for more information. KTM SCARP MASTER 29" Frame: KTM Scarp 29" Carbon M:5950 Performance, 4-linkage, system KTM PDS 2 - 100mm, Carbon Rocker, Internal Cable Routing Suspension: Fox Perform 32 Float SC 100 3 position R T boost (RL) Fox Perform Float 3pos Rem 95mm (RL) ​ Brakes: Shimano Deore XT M8000 Gear & Crankset Set: Shimano Deore XT Deore XT M8000 Shadow plus DM Deore XT M8000-B2 Wheels: KTM- DT Pro 3 CC B 29" TL boost 110/148 Click 'here ' for more information.

  • #WeAreSwick - Contact Us


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